This division is focusing on producing digital products which are developed accordingly depending on the market needs. Therefore, the products that have been developed by Four Vision Media will be useful to many parties according to their own product segmentation. Some of these products are:


  1. Smartcoop: is a website-based application software specialized for cooperatives with the purpose of facilitating and assisting administrators in managing and running the cooperative business.
  2. ProBumdes: is a software application with the purpose of helping BUMDes administrators in managing the BUMDes business professionally.
  3. My e-Gov: is an application in the form of a package with the intended use for government agency offices. This package consists of several applications that can also become a single unit.
  4. My e-POS: Point of Sales (POS) application software can help business owners to have a sales system which is integrated with an accounting-based financial management system. Additionally, My E-POS is also designed to meet the needs of an online catalogue system. Therefore, the online sales can be directly integrated with the offline sales in your store. A multi-functional application consists of online catalog, online orders, offline orders, journal notes to accounting-based financial statements can be found inside My E-POS application.
  5.  My e-Task: A software application developed to meet the needs of companies or offices in digitizing work activities such as employee absences, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, project progression report, and also to measure KPI (Key Performance Indicator). This software is designed to provide solution of a powerful e-office information system, especially in terms of managing employees data and their work progress both as an individual and as a part of a division in their company.
  6. is an online catalogue website which is provided for small and medium micro businesses who want to have their own online catalogue for their product that they're selling. Buyer will just have to browse the online catalogue to see what products or services are currently being sold.
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