ProBUMDes is an application software to help administrators of BUMDes professionally manage BUMDes business.

This software is designed in accordance with BUMDes business management needs for various business units while also produces a completely detailed accounting financial report. The data in ProBUMDes is presented online. Which means, interested stakeholders with authority can view BUMDES financial reports and data transparently in real-time.

Pros of ProBumdes Application:

  1. Developed based on Village Minister Regulation Number 4, year 2015
  2. Created to support all types of Business Units stated in Permendes Number 4, year 2015 Article 19 to 24
  3. Produce a complete and detailed financial statement with accounting standard as the basic
  4. Reports can be accessed online through a variety of computation devices
  5. It has a reporting dashboard which function is to measure the progress of BUMDes businesses
  6. For the Government to have information facilities to control and monitor BUMDes businesses in their own region. It allows BUMDes Management to run their business openly, transparently and accountably.

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