This Division tasks are mainly rotate around small scale business, be it a product owner or a company that need help in promoting their business and sales online. Moreover we also provide service for a company which doesn't have a team to update and maintenance their website.

Specifically, our services for this division consists of:


  1. Website Maintenance: is an activity to maintain a website, including bug fix, and also security update. For this service, we will also help you maintaining your company email and server.
  2. Admin / Website Update: Our professional team will help you maintaining your website. Therefore,  your website will always be updated. For your additional information, content update is also a part of this service.
  3. SEO / Search Engine Optimization, is a service in optimizing a website in the eyes of Google Search Engine. With the help of our professional SEO Team, your website will try to appear on the first page in the search engine result. 
  4. SMO / Social Media Optimization, is a service in optimizing social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) so that it will growth specifically in traffics, followers and also contents. 
  5. MPO (Marketplace Optimization), is a service in optimizing local marketplace account such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Shopee. 
  6. Digital Advertising: is a service where we help the clients in optimizing their advertisement online, be it advertisement in social media, search engine and also marketplace. Several online advertisements we are expert at: FB Ads, IG Ads, Google Adwords, dan Market Place Advetising.
  7. Customer Service (CS) Online: Our professional Customer Service team is ready to help your business to growth further by assisting a customer with proper attitude and etiquette.
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